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Each year, Open Data Australia conducts research and produces reports for multiple reasons; we may be commissioned by entities wanting advice, or our access to restricted or confidential material is attractive to an organisation or government department. Often our ability to move seamlessly between countries and governments is called upon, or our 'big-picture' view of the potential for data and the transformation of organisations leads to requests for reports and our opinion of future states.

If you need research written, or benchmarking against comparative regions or sectors, analytics performed or an independent review of a project or architecture of technology, Open Data Australia has contributors to the United Nations, World Bank, and assortment of Global and Local Governments and Industry Sectors on it's roll.


Don't forget to check out our latest reports and white papers as they are released. Below is a brief preview to one of our latest:


The ability to quantify or measure the benefits of open data initiatives are difficult to achieve and not widely published. Mapping of Global Best Practices in Open Data - A Research Paper, examines and showcases 21 current case studies of Open Data initiatives and projects implemented across 7 countries, Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, India and Singapore. Commissioned by the Queensland Government, the case studies appear in segments relating to key State priorities. 

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